We provide STRATEGIC SERVICES to help your biz GROW!

What our clients love most about us:

We are Fast, Organized, Responsive, and Focused on YOUR GOALS.


Are you killing yourself (or a few of your staff) trying to keep up with posting?

Consistency is crucial to a successful social media program. Our workflow and expertise allow you to focus on what you do best and let us share it with the world on your behalf. The best part is, because we are so efficient, we're also affordable.

Tik Tok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts are currently ranking higher than any other post type. But who has the time to follow the trends, make a plan, and shoot and edit the content? 

Our team of videographers, business guru's, and social media experts will help you build a strategy, record the videos, and create the content. All you have to do is post it. Download the flyer to get all the details and pricing structure.


Does your website or YouTube page tell people right off the bat with 60 seconds who you are and what you do best?

Having a short video that you can add to your website, your email signature, YouTube channel, as well as potential investors is invaluable. Check out our explainer/promo video services below, as well as our examples here.


Are you ready to bring your events marketing to the next level?

Our team is ready to capture your event as it unfolds, managing your social media during your event in real time and freeing you up to focus on your event itself!


Here at Hey Alec Productions, we have someone for that. As a media production company, we have you covered for all your marketing and design work. 

★ Record videos for an online course

★ Document a training you are leading 

Idea Creation

★ Business Coaching & Consulting

★ Website Consulting and Design

Graphic Design

Email and Text Marketing Management

Whatever you need, we've got you covered.