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Off the Wall & Up Close will be the first of its kind for Syracuse and a first for reality shows. Syracuse has never had a TV series shot and set in Syracuse, reality TV has yet to have a hit show hosted by women; now is the time! Help us bring this show to life with enough marketing, quality film and editing, and support that will put Syracuse back on the map! We're taking this show to a prime network!

Donations are being collected through the Aldea's and Laura's CashApp and Venmo accounts and will be tracked. We decided to go this route so that a crowdfunding host app does not take 30% of your money. Please note, we are NOT a nonprofit; therefore your donation is not tax-deductable. Business support may be written off as advertising but we suggest you check with your accountant. 

Please let us know in the transaction notes your email address, whether you'd like your donation to be anonymous, and T-shirt size if appropriate to your level of donation. 

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