About HAP


To create opportunities for artists from all backgrounds to showcase talent, gain exposure, and network while creating high quality low budget content for creatives and musicians.


Empower Creatives, Illuminate Talent: Striving to be the catalyst for creative revolution, we envision a world where every talented artist, regardless of budget, finds their spotlight. Together, we amplify voices, spark connections, and redefine the future of artistic expression.



We are a proud rag tag team of interns and volunteers.

Working with the area's students and recent grads helps us give opportunities to young film makers to gain real world experience and add to their resumes while keeping our costs down. 

Justin - OCC Grad & Volunteer

Amela - LeMoyne Grad & Volunteer

We love giving future film professionals their first experiences. 

If you are a student or recent grad looking to learn on the job send us a copy of  your resume and portfolio. 


We are dedicated to giving back by partnering and volunteering with organizations with missions to support youth and future artists and entrepreneurs. The success of this project will bring tourism and tourism dollars to Syracuse (our starting point), which will not only help these businesses to thrive but help policymakers and government take notice of the importance of art to the economy. 

Both Aldea and Laura are mentors. This project will allow us to give back to students in our STEAM programs to teach them how to bring their ideas and biggest dreams to life.

We are committed to diversity and inclusion in our team and on our show. Our pilot episode features three women, our future episodes feature artist guests of color, guest from the LGBT+ community, and from various forms of artistic expression and media. 


You're welcome #rickrolled